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Overthinking on Demand - Intro

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Greetings Everyone:

I am an extremely creative, radically innovative, intensely empathetic, over-thinker.
In other-words I have no pragmatically useful talents at all.

However, the above aforementioned list of attributes seems to lend itself well to looking at things from a different angle, or two... or three,
and then takeing each perspective and splitting split hairs that have been split twice already. Apparently, all of that seems to be useful for giving advice.
(Thats what Ive been told by people who have managed the patience to listen to me at any rate.)

So, I thought I should perhaps at least try to put that to some use.
This then is the advice section of my site.

Anyone may anonymously contact me HERE through the 777arkV.com contact form.
If you want to remain entirely anonymous, rather than using your own e-mail on the contact form, you can use 777arkVAnon(at)gmail(dot)com
(Do not e-mail that address directly. It is an unmonitored address and all incoming e-mails are immediately deleted.)
I will then post my replies here, and announce them on both my Twitter and FaceBook profiles as well.

If you use this option to write in, you may want to consider providing a "code name" of some sort.
It should be unique enough that no one else would use the same one.
This would be a name that I would not make public.
If you do write in again, you should reference what you wrote in about before.
Knowledge of both the code name and prior writings combined would be substantial proof that the communication is indeed coming from the same, yet anonymous person.

A few things to know before one does send in a question.

1. For any number of possible reasons, I don't answer every question I receive.
2. Overthinking is not a quick process. Expect a wait.
3. Overthinking does not generate short, simple answers. Expect long complicated ones.
4. While I will presume everything stated in questions received is for public consumption, in order to preserve anonymity to the greatest degree possible,
I may further sanitize questions of all identifying material, such as age, gender, relationships, dates and etc...
5. Sadly, because of the times we live in, I am required to have a lengthy legal disclaimer.
One should familiarize oneself with it before making a submission.
It can be found HERE, and in the signature to all my posts.

I believe that should be everything.
You may now feel free to ask me to do your Overthinking on Demand . #777arkVOD

Hm. I guess that hashtag could also stand for Mark Vicari OverDose... and that works too.

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